Production capabilities

Premeta UAB can offer following mechanical treatment capabilities:

  • CNC milling. 2000x800x800 mm.
  • CNC turning. Diameter: 350 mm. Length: 500 mm.
  • Wirecutting. 550x350x400 mm.
  • Coordinate turning. 1200x600x500 mm.
  • Flat grinding. 1200x450 mm.
  • Round grinding. Diameter: 250 mm. Length: 550 mm.
  • Spark cutting. 600x400x500 mm.
  • Surface treatment. Up to: 1500 mm.
  • Cutting. Diameter: 300 mm.
  • Welding, polishing, blacksmith treatment and assembly.

Besides, Premeta UAB offers projecting, equipment designing services, material and setting supply.